PetVille Money Making Guide

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In PetVille as in real life, the only way to truly impress your friends is to accumulate a lot of coins, and then spend it all on fancy, shiny objects like sofas and TVs. Unlike real life however, in PetVille you can make a living by taking a shower. PetVille has many ways to make money. In this guide you will learn the most efficient ways to become a PetVille mogul.

As already mentioned, one of the ways to make money in PetVille is by washing your pet. Anytime you’ve been away from the game for a while, you will see that your pet has become severely dirty since last time you stopped by. It might seem strange how your pet can get this dirty, but when you consider that state of his house you realize that your pets party pretty hard while you’re away. The living room will be filled with half eaten pizza and dirty underwear. Clearly your pets live it up when they are not being watched. As a PetVille player you can take advantage of your pets wild life style by giving him a bath. Scrubbing your pet down with the perpetual soap piece you have in your storage chest is one of the best ways to make money in PetVille.

You will also make a decent amount of extra cash when you clean up after your pet. That half eaten apple on the mantelpiece and the underpants lodged under the cushions of the sofa all translate into cash in your pocket when you clean them up.

If you think your pet is the only party animal in PetVille you are wrong. Visit your friends pets and you’ll find that their apartments are every bit as messed up as you own pet’s. If you do the right thing and wash your neighbors pet you will be rewarded with a nice sum of money. You can also pick up all the trash in your neighbor’s house for some extra money.

The fastest way to make coins in PetVille however is to feed your pet and make sure they finish their food. Unlike a real pet who will finish their food in less than two seconds, your PetVille pet will take up to several days to finish his bowl of food. Whenever your pet finishes his food he will leave a huge gem behind that you can sell for some serious money. If only real life was more like PetVille.

Buying food for your pet and collecting the riches when he is done is essentially the same game mechanics for making money as in other Zynga games like FarmVille and Cafe World. Make sure you chose a food that will fit with your playing schedule. Typically a food that takes longer to finish will pay more money when your pet is finished with his meal, but if you have the time to check up on your pet more often you will make more money be serving smaller meals frequently.

Similar to the food bowl, you can make money by changing the flowers in the house when they die. As you progress through the levels you will unlock more bouquets you can decorate the house with. Each type of flower will yield a different amount of coins when they finally die and have to be replaced. Just as with the food, the flowers will stay fresh for a short or longer amount of time. Make sure you buy food and flowers that last for the same amount of time. This way you can maintain a workable schedule and still maximize the money you make.

When you visit your neighbors you will also have the option to have your pet interact with his pet friends. For just 5 energy points you can high five, dance, kiss and do a number of other activities with your neighbors pet. This will make you a modest amount of money but will also gain you love points. Love points are important as they let you level up and unlock even more profitable items.

Recently a new way to add money has been added to PetVille. Your pet can now play a game. If you have energy left over from rocking out with your friends you can go out in the fields and play an exciting game of bubble pop. You pet will blow impressively circular soap bubbles while your job is to pop them before they float of screen.

There are several levels you can progress through in this game, and it’s relatively easy to earn a substantial amount of money this way. If you don’t care about the love points you’ll lose it makes a lot more sense to spend your energy playing bubble pop than to dance with your friends. The monetary rewards of bubble pop are far beyond anything you can make from interacting with other pets.

If you want to maximize the amount of money you make in PetVille make sure you spend all your energy every day. Your pet’s energy is refilled daily so there is no need to save any. Play games or visit friends until you are completely worn out to make the most amount of coins available.

With these money making strategies you will soon be rolling in coins. By using the money at the furniture store you can not only decorate your pet’s house with some fantastic decors, but you will also gain love points when you place a new item in your house. Again, just like in real life, the more expensive the item, the greater the love.


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