The ‘Touch’ Netbook is Finally Here!

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The HP Mini 5102 is a very desirable business netbook. HP Mini 5102 is a masterfully engineered netbook that small business users, government officials, and even school children could carry around with pride. It is said to be fruition for road warriors and students. It is more durable and secure than the typical netbook.  Its metallic frame, the world-class keyboard and mouse buttons, everything about it is as impressively executed.


Available in either a standard or touch-enabled version, the HP Mini 5102 features a sturdy, lightweight anodized-aluminum display enclosure with a choice of black, red or blue brushed finishes. It looks and feels like a shrunken HP ProBook which provides a soft-touch treatment on the deck and a clear HP DuraKeys coating for the keyboard. Weighing 2.8 pounds and measuring 0.9 inches thin, the Mini 5102 can easily slip into a backpack or briefcase. The six-cell battery itself protrudes a bit from the bottom of the system, but it’s hardly noticeable. 5102 offers a carrying handle as an option; it screws on and replaces the rear feet.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The touchscreen option allows users to get work done more intuitively and quickly based on their choice of input methods. Multitouch gestures, finger taps and swipes across the screen allow users to navigate through applications and menus as well as provide access to information and websites. The keyboard of the Mini 5102 produces a great typing experience for email, instant messaging and other text-driven applications. The 95 percent of full-size QWERTY keyboard, plus a touchpad, compares favorably to smaller keyboards of competing companion PCs. The touchpad on the Mini 5102 is a bit small at 2.5 x 1.4 inches. Above the keyboard you’ll find a row of keys—such as brightness and volume controls—that don’t require the Function key to activate. Still, the dedicated left and right mouse buttons responded well.


The most important addition is Intel’s ultra-efficient Atom N450 processor (and platform), which enables the 5102 to last more than 10 hours on a charge. HP has added new color options, facial recognition, and an optional capacitive multitouch display. Almost 11 hours of battery life (via the optional 6-cell battery, though), and new options for a carrying handle and touch screen. When equipped with the optional Broadcom HD video decoder technology, the HP Mini 5102 can play back high-resolution 720- and 1,080-pixel HD video content. Logging on to Windows and other websites is fast and easy with HP Face Recognition for Protect tools. Users simply face the 2-megapixel webcam of the HP Mini 5102 to log in.

It is a durable suspended notebook compartment helps protect the HP Mini from bumps and scratches. Convenient features – such as a thermal compartment, a roomy book compartment, quick-access compartments, and extra padding in the shoulder straps and back – keep its users prepared and comfortable.


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