2010 Chinese Horoscope for Monkey Animal Sign in Year of the Tiger

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The Year of the Tiger begins on February 14th 2010. What can Monkeys expect in the Year of the Tiger?

This is the Chinese year ahead horoscope for people born in the years: 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992

For Monkeys 2010 will be a year of endings and beginnings. This will therefore be a significant time for you. Projects you have been working on over the past few years will be brought to a conclusion. If you have been studying for a special qualification or a degree or if you’ve been on a training course to do with your career, you can expect to finally reach the end of this phase in life. All this will leave the way open for an exciting new chapter to begin.

In your closest relationships, let diplomacy rule during the first few months of the year.  It might be easy to misunderstand people or to say the wrong thing and it won’t be so easy to resolve relationship difficulties.

It will be hard to say which will be the most exhilarating during the middle months of the year: career, family or community affairs. 

It could be that you will get to see some good results and experience a degree of success through your work. Or you might want to focus on your social interests because whenever you and a group of people get together you will be working towards something exciting and specific.

People working in unison towards a special goal are likely to bring you immense joy. You will be happy to concentrate your energy into this one area. At this time of the year you will be at your best when working wholeheartedly towards the one goal and , this is what you could be doing with the full support of those around you too!

In the autumn, perhaps you won’t be one-hundred-per-cent but there will be times when you won’t be far from it. Not everything will go your way and life will be a challenge but you mustn’t feel sorry for yourself if you’re faced with a few challenges.  You certainly have the energy and determination needed, to overcome them!

Generally you should expect the first six months of the year to be a time of hard work and enterprise but this will all lead to positive results. You will be feeling strongly ambitious and you will take your responsibilities seriously. The consequences of your work and endeavour at this time will be immense. You will have a lot to be proud of.


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