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Create your own basic website with adobe dreamweaver CS3 or CS4.

  First of all you need to create a folder with all your files, documents, videos, flash effects or images. In your folder make a folder called html and in there put the files which I said ( for images you need to create images folder, for videos create videos folder…). 
  When you done with this open up your adobe dreamweaver ( recommend to have a adobe photoshop because it can help for banners, logos creation ). Once you open you dreamweaver go to site ( which is at the top of the program ) and then click on the new site, it will give you a new tab where you need to type you site name, local root folder is that folder is the folder where will you keep your website’s videos or images… ( select that folder and click open and then select ), images folder is that folder where you keeping your images ( select images folder and double click like on website folder ).
  When you done with your configuration click OK and create a new html. There you can start to create your own website. On top you will get three tabs: Code which is where you can work on the coding, Split where you can also see the code and design view and Design where you can see only design. There some basic tips:

1) If you want to make a background select html on the bottom and select Page Properties and there at the appearance you can change it to a any color or image.
2) If you want to import the image you can do it by choosing the image on the bottom at the right side ( There also will be all your videos or and more which you will put there.
3) If you want to create a table you need go to insert and click on the table, there you will get a new tab where you can change configurations, when you done with it click OK. ( you can use this for website’s title and more ).
4) If you want to see how your website look in internet browser you have to save your project and find the globe picture at the top or just click F12.

Good Luck 🙂


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