Create an Installer

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How to create an installer

First you need to do is download program called Install Creator pro. You can download The Free-ware Version, The Registered Version and The professional Version (all of them is totaly free). Download and install the software (sould give you purple icon) . When you will be installed the Install Creator upen up it. When you will open up the software you will get a wizzard (before creating a install make sure you have got a folder with files). Installation steps:
1) click next
2) find and browse the folder which you want to make to install (leave include sub-directories)
3) choose your language and in the box type you install name (you can see how it looks by clicking preview)
4) leave configurations and registration blanks and click next
5) you can choose how your installer looks like: No window, Small or Full Screen (if you choose full screen you can choose screen’s background).
6.1) you can choose template from: Classic – With Bitmap, Classic – Without Bitmap and Default.
6.2) you can change the installation wizzard and picture which will be showing when installing your files.
7) leave it and click next
8) type your licenses (you can preview to see how it looks)
9) choose where it will install it
10) you can make icon to start menu
11) you can choose to make reedme file
12) uninstall option
13) ship that by clicking next
14) check the Do not build the install program
15) you will get a tab where you can change all the installation information, installer icon, options and a lot more. When you done with your configuration got to build and then you will able to locate where you want to save install and it’s done!

Good luck 🙂


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