Download Youtube Videos to Mp3

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How to download youtube video soundtrack to mp3?.. really simple

1) First you need to do is go to your internet browser and at any search engine you use type dvdvideosoft and then go to their site and download full studio pack (you can download only YouTube to MP3 Converter but in full studio pack will be cool programs where you can copy DVDs or download youtube videos, or convert youtube videos to Iphone). When you download studio pack instal it, when it will be instaled open up it and click on the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. Then go to youtube and choose any video or soundtrack you want to download and copy the link. Then go to your YouTube to MP3 Converter and click on the paste button. If it’s allowed to download the video it will show you the video’s name. On the output folder you can choose location on you computer where you want to download it. On the presets you can choose format or quality of soundtrack or mp3 you want to download. When you chose all options just click on Download button and it will start to download video’s soundtrack.

2) Go to youtube and choose the video which soundtrack you want to download and on the site bar before youtube type kick and it will open you a site where will be the video you chose. Under banner you will see line with formats like MP3, MP4, HD, and others. To download you need to choose whitch format you want and click on the green button with GO which is on the rights side of the site. And it will let you download that video or video’s soundtrack.

Good Luck 🙂


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