Change Folder’s Icon

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How to change your folder’s icon?.. It’s really simple

First of all quit all your programs. Find that folder which icon do you want to change and click on it with your right mouse button. Then go to properties and find customize (or shortcut if you want to change shortcut’s icon), there you need to find change icon button and click on that and there you will get like folder with icons which can be on your folder. On the buttom you will find where are all those images. And if you don’t find any icon you want, you need to browse Ink and they will be there. But there is one proble… Ink pictures is hard to find, you can find them at search engines but all you want will not be there.

If you want create your own icon you will need program called iconart. In this program you can paint your own picture but it will be as bad as… so, what you need to do is open you photoshop or any pictures editing program(doesn’t matter which program because it so basic, it actually can be made on paint or fireworks) and create the picture which you want to be your folder’s icon. You can make any you want but it has to be 32×32 pixels!! When will you painting you have to make background color pink as iconart’s mask. When your picture will be done you have to open it on iconart (if you painter with iconart you don’t need to do that) and save it on the location you want. Then go to change icon and browse that picture and you folder’s icon will change!!

Good luck 🙂


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