Make Mozila Firefox Faster

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How to make mozila firefox faster? It’s very simple just follow the instructions!

1) First you need to do is open your mozila firefox and type about:config at the site bar. It will open for you all your mozila firefox configs. Probably before you can get access to your mozila firefox configs you will get an error where you need to click on the: I will be careful (something like that)(that’s because in there you can screw up your mozila if you will be uncareful and try to do things when you don’t know how) . And when you finaly get to your configs list you need to find network.http.pipelining double click on that and it will make it from false to true then go to network.http.pipelining.maxrequests double click and make it from 15 to 150 (your choice – if you put less number your mozila will work a lil bit faster and if you put 150, your mozila can speed up amazingly!) and click OK. Restart your mozila firefox and it will be faster.

2) Search in internet for the program which can delete cookies from your computer, download and install it, then scan all your computer for all kind of cookies or other junk and delete it (recomend to delete cookies every week)

3) (Do only if your mozila is really slow) Open your Start task manager by clicking right mouse click on the menu bar or hold ctr+alt+delete. Go to processes, find your mozila and right click on that. Then expand Set priority and put it to High. If you will do all of this totorial correctly your mozila firefox will speed up to 100%

Good Luck 🙂


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