How to Setup Thunderbird for GMail

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How to Setup Mozilla Thunderbird For Gmail

For those who are fond of the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, this article will show how to setup Thunderbird to receive and send mail through the Google mail service (GMail). Before installing a GMail account in Thunderbird you have set GMail to allow POP3 access.

GMail Settings:

1. Sign into your GMail account.

2. At the upper right hand side click on Settings.

3. Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP on the menu bar.

4. In the POP section select Enable POP for all mail.

Click on the Save Changes button at the bottom and GMail is settings are complete.

Mozilla Thunderbird Settings:

1. First you want to load the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

2. Click on the File on the menu bar, click on New and then Account. If this is your first time running Mozilla Thunderbird, this step is done automatically.

3. The New Account Wizard should pop up. Make sure that Email account is selected and press next.

4. Enter the name you wish to have displayed when you send out an email. Then enter your email address. When you have finished click on the Next button.

5. Ensure that POP is selected as the type of incoming mail. Then enter Then uncheck Use Global Inbox (this is done so you can distinguish where your mail came from at-a-glance if you have other email services). Press Next when you are done.

6. Enter your full email address and press Next.

7. Enter an account name to distinguish it from other Thunderbird accounts and press Next.

8. Review your new account and if all is correct then press Finish.

9. Now press Edit on the menu bar and select the Account Settings.

10. Select the GMail account which was just made and highlight Server Settings.

11. The following parameters should be set as listed below:

Server Type : Port : 995 Username : Security Settings: check SSL for Use secure connection. Use secure authentication should be unchecked. Server Settings : Select the first 3 options.

12. If you do not with to use GMail as you smtp provider (used to send out mail) you can press OK now.

13. At the bottom of your accounts list click on Outgoing Server (SMTP).

14. Click on ADD.

15. Make sure the parameters are set as listed below:

Description: GMail Server Name: Port: 587 User Name: Use secure connection: TLS

16. Click on OK.

17. Click on OK

It is now doe and ready for use.


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