Google’s newly launched Nexus One Mobile Phone

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Google’s newly launched Nexus One Mobile Phone

After the world has seen incredible success of Apple’s Iphone and its later upgraded versions many mobile manufacturing companies has try to rival Iphone and to get their market share but were unsuccessful to do so. From Nokia’s N97 to Samsung’s Omnias iphone users and fans simply heard saying “not impressed”. This time Google with collaboration with Taiwan’s HTC mobile corporation has launched new mobile called Google Nexus One with promise of truly bringing the web to the mobile.

Here are some of the great features that Google’s Nexus One has to offer for its users.

External Look:

Nexus One weights only 4.58 ounces (130 grams) as compare to Iphone which is 4.8 ounces.

Phone’s height is 4.6 inches as compares to Iphone’s 4.5 inches.

Its depth is 0.45 inches 3 millimeter less than that of an iphone.


Nexus One has a 3.7” (diagonal) WVGA AMOLED screen with 720×480 pixels.

Unfortunately multi touch is not offered in this device which is Iphone’s one of favorite feature for the users. Double tap is used to zoom in text and web pages.

Other Important Additions & Features

  • Trackball
  • 3.5” Headphone Jack
  • Total Expandable Memory 32GB
  • Largest battery among all smart phones
  • 5mp Autofocus camera with LED Flash
  • The phone is capable of recording video at 27 frames per second which indicates that it has not surpassed or equaled the quality of iphone 3GS.
  • The phone also offers 3G Connectivity
  • One of the amazing and probably most attractive feature is its ability of Voice to text that allows phone to write SMS and E-mail while you speak
  • There is no Radio option included in the device

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