Google Nexus One is Finally Out

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Google Nexus is a new mobile phone that will be launched by Google. This phone will sell directly to customers by Google without a wireless carrier. Google’s Nexus is speculated to be a copy of the iPhone with a larger touch screen, a scroll wheel and more features. Here are a few facts about the Google Nexus One:

Nexus is as pleasing as any phone in the market. The HTC-manufactured device comes with a brilliant 3.7-inch 800 x 400-pixel OLED screen.

-There are four hard-wired touch controls on the bottom of that frame, including one that instantly brings up a search box.

-The home screen features “live wallpaper,” a dynamic and fun collection of animated backgrounds.

-The battery’s ratings are impressive with seven hours 3G talk time, seven hours video. You can replace the battery, but make use of the power management widget.

-It’s easy to switch between the five screens that hold app icons and widgets, and you can get a thumbnail view of any of the screens by touching a dot on the home screen.

-The Facebook widget just highlights single updates. But the constantly updating news and weather widget was always worth a look”.

-Nexus has a tiny tricolor trackball that glows when you have messages or notices.

-Driving its core values, Google has loaded the Nexus One with a speedy Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Meters that indicate how fast something loads on the Nexus really heightens the pleasures of using it.

-The best feature in the Nexus One is the ubiquitous voice recognition. Every time a text field appears — in search, in maps and even in e-mail — you can press a microphone key on the virtual keyboard and just say what you want to put in the field.

-The Nexus has navigation system that makes use of Google Maps and GPS and a voice gives you turn-by-turn instructions.

-The 5-megapixel camera, with zoom and flash and editing features, takes good pictures and clear video, and can location-stamp them with GPS.

-The Nexus One makes use of your Google account in a very comfortable and it uses almost every part.

-All you have to do is sign in to enable your e-mail, calendar, contacts, Picasa galleries and Google Voice, the free application that organizes your phone activities and transcribes your voicemail.

-You can plug a Nexus into your laptop via USB, but you have to trigger a command to mount it before the icon shows up, and then you have to drag the files over. Clearly, Google would prefer that you use your Nexus to hear music, FM and watch videos from TV.Com or YouTube.

-The phone comes with a miserable 512 MB of built-in flash memory. There’s a slot for that, preloaded with a 4-GB card.

The Nexus does an impressive job of fulfilling vision and is certainly the best Android phone yet. This is quite a shift from the company’s original stance as a neutral distributor of the Android mobile operating system.


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