The Phone with Transparent Keypad: LG Crystal

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LG is urging their horses to become the second largest cell phone manufacturer worldwide. LG has managed to attract a lot of attention with its GD900 Crystal phone. LG Crystal carries imaging, multimedia and connectivity on the inspired S-class interface.

-LG GD900 Crystal is an average-sized handset at 105mm × 52.8mm × 13.5mm, and weighs 120g. It takes on a fairly standard slider form-factor. The lower half is made from transparent plastic and tempered glass. The keypad lettering and numbers slightly obscure your view, but are invisible when the keypad lights are off. Once the keypad lights up, these markings are much easier to see and the keypad looks very jazzy.

-The display itself is pretty nice though, featuring WVGA (480 x 800 pixel) resolution and the ability to show 16 million colors. The display measures 3 inches across the diagonal and is of the capacitive touchscreenvariety. Happily, multi-touch is also present, allowing pinch gestures. Screen itself is enough to properly control all phone functions and is really sensitive, so you it won’t give you any troubles.

-You’ll find a chrome clad earpiece, a forward facing video call camera, light and proximity sensors. Toward the bottom of the front panel you’ll find three touch sensitive keys for call send, call end, and the S-class cube menu/multitasking menu. Its touch sensitive, as the screen and keypad are also touch sensitive, which means that everything feels very cohesive.

-The transparent back cover of the GD900 is tinted at the top, which means that you can actually see the battery through the rear cover when the device is closed. When the device is open, the rear-mounted camera lens for the 8-megapixel camera is unveiled, along with its self-portrait mirror and single LED flash. Just below this is the Crystal’s microSDHC slot, which can accept cards up to 32GB in capacity. The GD900 has 1.5GB of internal memory to start you off.

-You’ll find the volume rocker and camera shutter button. On the left side of the device, you’ll find just the micro-USB port for charging/headphones/data. The really small phone lock button on the top side of the device is also easy to handle once you get used to its location.

Overall, the build quality of the LG GD900 is pretty good and offers a smooth sliding action. The LG Arena turned an impressive performer and walked away with plenty of our respect and admiration so, prepare to be impressed and entertained.


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