Benefit of Meditation or pranayama

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Meditation is the best exercise for resting the mind body and soul, since ancient’s meditation has been practiced and it is even mentioned in the Rig-vedas. Meditations has cured many diseases which even science have failed to cure and I am narrating one such incident in my life were meditation proved its worth over and above science.

I was in my college days and after my boards I started suffering from this serious headache problem, it was intense and the worst part of it was that it was continuous. I took pain killers initially but that didn’t work, I consulted a doctor and even they failed to diagnose the problem and here I was in bed suffering from this terrible headache.

The problem was sever and my mother took me to patanjali clinic were I was given some herbal medicines along with some pranayama to be done on daily basic. Everyone of must have hear about Baba ramdev, the famous yoga guru, who cures most of the disease with his pranayama. So I too started the pranayama regularly along with taking the herbal medicines from patanjali clinic, along with the pranayama I started following Baba Ramdev on television as well.

Within just a month of the pranayama the headache was gone and now I have made it a habit, I follow Baba Ramdev on television and follow his pranayama. Meditation if done regularly can keep all kinds of diseases away and Baba Ramdev has revolutionized the power of pranayama or meditation and now with patanjali clinic in every corner of India he is spreading the power of yoga rampantly.


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