Tech Review: Sony Ericsson Satio

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Sony Ericsson Satio is the official name of the device that was announced as the Sony Ericsson Idou at MWC 2009. It´s advertised as the company´s first all-in-one multimedia cell phone. It runs with Symbian S60. It may just be a concept phone but Idou is a striking handset in many regards.

-The touch-screen interface appears to be pretty intuitive and user-friendly. Sporting a 3.5-inch resistive, touch sensitive screen means you can´t expect the Sony Ericsson Satio to be a small device but the phone feels light in your hand. There are only three buttons on the front side – send and end, along with a third one that´s gets you to either the main menu or task manager. The light sensor that automatically controls screen brightness, video call camera, proximity sensor and LED indicator are aligned around the earpiece.

-Both microSD card slot and standard, charger port are on the left hand side, while camera shutter, mode switcher and gallery access buttons are on the opposite side. Volume rocker is used to zoom in and out on things as well. You really get the feeling as if operating digital camera while taking pictures with the phone. Colors were bright and graphics were rich and vibrant.

-The bulky upper back of the phone has 12 megapixels, xenon flash camera is hidden under a sliding cover. Aside from the flash, there is LED light to help camera focus objects more easily. We need to point out the second you slide the cover open, both a small indicator right below the camera and the shutter itself start blinking in bright blue, which reminds us of the Cyber-shot lineup again. It has a filmstrip like effect where you can move between different photos by swiping your finger. It’s attractive and it appears to be responsive. Finger swiping also works in other areas of the display interface.

-The left spine has the standard proprietary headset jack/charger port. After Sony Ericsson had decency to put a 3.5mm headset jack on its new W995 Walkman. On the bottom of the display are dedicated touch controls for the main menu, the video player, the messaging in-box and the search function.

-At the very core, Satio (also known as Idou) is the latest Sony Ericsson’s weapon of choice in the crowded multimedia smartphone segment. Satio’s smartphone functionality might only prove as an extra thing that is overshadowed by the impressive quality camera and beautiful screen. It only sweetens the deal.


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