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There are many people who have a blog on the Internet. Only a few ever make enough to call a good substantial income. Some people make enough money to call it a side job while others earn a full time income from it. You have probably visited a blog on the Internet or have a blog that you love and visit constantly. What if you had a blog where people like you visited your site? You can make a good amount of money on the Internet from a blog if you work hard.

You are going to have to start making a plan for your blog. You should have an idea of what your blog will be about, some tactics of how you will get there, a schedule so you can know when you can do your work and goals.

You will have to now figure out if you want free web hosting or paid. I will say that it is better to have a paid host because you have a lot more options for configuring. Sites like (7 dollars a month), Yahoo (10 dollars a month), or Web Hosting Pad (4 dollars a month).

Once your blog is up you can now start your blogging. It may be better to stay in a niche topic a because it will be easier to rank you in the search engines. If you know and like fighter airplanes, write about about that. Make sure whatever you is of good quality and original. Never copy and paste anything because search engines hate it and people may have read it at the other site.

Integrate Google Adsense in your blog. This is a definite if you want to make money. Many bloggers make most of there income using Google Adsense. It is free to join and very easy to set up. You can also use Amazon’s affiliate program to get commissions from promoting people’s products. Other ad networks you can use are Yahoo Publishing Network, Adbrite, Bidvertiser and Chitika.

Look into advertising your ad so you can get more page views. You can try promoting your site by writing on other people’s blog or looking into Adwords. You can also try and post helpful videos on Youtube or Metacafe.

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