Microsoft keyboard are the best

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Microsoft keyboard are one of the best keyboards available in the market, though the price is comparatively high compared to other keyboards but every penny spend on buying a Microsoft keyboard is worth the investment. I always had the tendency of going for cheaper product like Logitech keyboards or Intex keyboards because these keyboards are much cheaper but they didn’t last for more then a year and every year I had to buy a new keyboard, so finally I thought enough is enough and bought home a Microsoft keyboard instead of the Logitech keyboard which I normally use to buy and I must say it is one of the best investment I have made so far.

Microsoft keyboard are smartly designed and the keys are very soft and responsive unlike the Logitech keyboard were I would have to tap hard for efficient working. With the Logitech keyboard the major problem was that the multimedia keys use to give problems and stopped working after few months of use but I have been using Microsoft keyboard for the last 6 months and all the keys are working as good as new and I haven’t had the slightest of problems.

I am a freelancer and write 10-12 articles daily and so that means plenty of work with the keyboard , previously while using Logitech keyboards my finger use to ache like hell at the end of the day because of the hard tapping it required but with Microsoft keyboards I really don’t find it hard working throughout the day and these days I write 14-15 articles and reviews easily .

Even the exterior design of the Microsoft keyboard is far better than that of Logitech keyboard and it looks very elegant and stylish on my computer table. So instead of wasting money on cheap quality keyboards buy Microsoft keyboard and I promise the investment will be worth it.


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