Eradicating The Virus Without Antivirus, How could be ?

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If we did not had a new antivirus updated, we could use Windows system facilities to avoid or even to clean our pc or laptop from the virus. Consider the following general steps in eradicating the virus :

1.Disable System Restore

Facilities of System Restore in Windows allows you to restore the system configuration to the previous configuration. In order to recover the system not to returned damaged, turn off this feature by right-clicking on My Computer and select Properties. Then select the System Restore tab and check the Turn off System Restore on All Drive.

2. Turn off the running virus process

We must  turn the virus process off. Usually the virus has an icon of a folder or MS Word documents. Use applications such as Process Explorer, Pocket Killbox, Kill Process Show, The Killer Machine, and so on.

3. Restore the registry

Restore registry that has been tampered by viruses. If not,  the virus can infect your computer again. Use Hijack This, Registry Cleaner, or The Killer Machine. Remove If there were any Scheduled Task entry made by virus remove them.

4. Delete virus files.

Use the Search facility in Windows to find the virus files.

5. Displaying files hidden by viruses

Viruses in general are not so cruel to remove our documents. Usually the files are just hidden. Use the command attrib-s-h at the Command Prompt to bring it back.

6. Final recommendations for prevention. Be careful when making a transfer
good data via floppy disks, USB Flash Disk, or from the network. Show hidden files and file extensions in Windows Explorer.

Good Luck.


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