Disadvantages of Owning a Cell Phone.

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Owning a mobile phone, more recently otherly known as a cellular phone, a smart phone or a next-generation phone comes with more pros than cons, but the cons are there.  It never used to cost you a couple of hundred dollars a month to talk to your friends, you just got together at a party, a park or someone’s house and yakked away.  Then the home computer came along, and soon the World Wide Web followed, with mobile phones in hot pursuit.  A few smart business moves later and we have almost every person on the planet hooked up with either a computer, laptop or mobile phone.

Aside from the annoyances of people talking on their cell phones in movies and scgool plays, and with their annoying ring tones and graphic displays, privacy is getting harder and harder to find.  Maybe joining the cast of Lost or one of the Survivor seasons would be better.  The advantage of beig able to be reached anywhere, anytime, turns into the disadvantage of being reached anywhere, anytime.  Golfing or fishing are no longer reason enough for not being reached by work.

Another disadvantageof owning a cell phone is one that not many people are aware of, and one that many people would not like is that with the GPS enabled, the police will always know where you are, to within no more than ten feet.  The Canadian government, under the umbrella of CSIS, the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service, a unit in Carp, Ontario used to record every cell phone call made within Canada.  This was before the newer generations of cell phones hit the markets, and now, the most powerful Supercomputer would not be able to handle recording a fraction of the cell phone calls, text messages andvoice-mails happening at any given minute at this point in the personal telecommunications generation.

Conspiracy theories aside, sometimes you just want to be alone, on a beach in the tropics with nobody bothering your expensive, but relaxing mood.  You can take the battery out of your cell phone, and depress the power off button for 30 seconds to completely drain the power from the phone, so that it can not be traced.  Disadvantages of owning a cell phone would therefore include the need to actually take the battery out of your cell phone to go “off the grid”.  Pay-as-you-go phones, with no ID or registration required are the mobile phones of choice for the criminal element and people in power, as well as severelyencrypted satellite phones.

The biggest disadvantage of owning a cell phone would, of course, be the monthly bills that can end up costing you your car when you are on a plan.  With predertimed minutes before calls start costing 35 cents per minute, plus roaming, long distance and connection fees start kicking in, many plans end up costing an outrageous fortune if the phones are used extensively.  Teenagers have run up bills of over $50,000 in a month, and the problem is that the cell phone providers allow them to do it.

And now, with the next-generation smart phones becoming free or close to it when purchased with a three-year plan, many people opt for the free or cheap phones, not realizing that the plans will end up costing thousands of dollars over those three years.

If you do have a monthly plan, read over the contract carefully, or call your provider and have them explain the billing details to you.  Keeping your calls and text messages to within the limits of what your plan allows will negate the over-billing problem, and save you a small fortune at the same time.


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