Buying Motorcycles on the Internet: How to Save Gas With an I-Scooter

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When a person goes to buy a new motorcycle or scooter, the Internet may not be the first place he thinks of, but a growing number of dealers are offering scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles online. The cheapest models can be found on Ebay while a company called Roadrunner offers something called the I-scooter.

Motorcycles and scooters have been seen as frivolous and dangerous investments in the past, but with the price of gas nearing 300 dollars, these items that were once used more for recreational purposes have found a new market of people looking to save money on fuel costs.

I-scooter Models Available

Roadrunner employs a design philosophy of manufacturing these scooters specifically for the Internet. The product comes shipped to the end user who then has to install the mirrors by himself. Many Ebay sellers act as dealers and sell the Wildfire brand, a Chinese-made scooter that typically requires little assembly.The model sizes range from city scooters under 50 cubic centimeters whose engines are restricted to limit the scooter’s speed to larger models up to 250 cubic centimeters and higher that are capable of going on highways.

The Problem with Buying Scooter and Motorcycles on the Internet

Many good deals can be found on the Internet on scooters, motorcycles, and mopeds, but the support for a scooter or motorcycle purchased online is not the same as the support that would a buyer would receive from dealers who sell vehicles from better known companies, like Yamaha or Suzuki.A person that wants a scooter for himself or someone else might want to consider one the Roadrunner I-scooter or similar models available over the Internet if he is mechanically inclined and is good at motorcycle maintenance.

These vehicles are not less reliable than their more expensive counterparts, but many motorcycle parts dealers do not carry parts for them yet. If a scooter ordered from a company like Wildfire or Roadrunner breaks down, the owner must wait until the needed part is ordered to make the required repairs.The scooters and motorcycles made to be sold over the Internet to have one advantage over their competitors. They cost considerably less for a Japanese or American made model with equivalent power. It is often cheaper to replace an I-scooter than it is to repair it.. Roadrunner dealers can be found simply by running a search for Roadrunner Iscooter. The prices vary slightly depending on who sells the model, but the buyer should make sure he can get the I-scooter, motorcycle or even moped registered in his state.


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