Property Crime

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Property crime has been considered as one of the most serious problems in the society. It has been regarded as a crime against the safety and protection of the properties owned by other persons. In this paper, the main focus is the discussion of the concept of property crime. It will also include a brief discussion on the the cultural emphasis on economic success, techniques of neutralization, economic deprivation, routine activities, social process factors, property crime for thrills, shoplifting, and arson.

Property crime is considered as a crime of damaging, robbing, or stealing the properperties owned by other persons. The main basis of the criminal act is the desire to gain. The intent of a criminal who committed property crime is to gain from the things that he took or damaged to the disadvantage of the owners. In the society, most of the people believed that we need to have sufficient money and property in order to survive of the world. The culture that we have includes the class structure wherein there are people who are rich, and others are considered as belonging to the middle class. With that, the lowest group is the people who experienced poverty. There are even other people who experienced extreme poverty. Based on this scenario, the problem of property crime worsened. Many people tried to organize in order to conduct robbery operations in certain places. People who failed to attain economic success tend to steal from other people in order to survive.

In order to solve the problem, the government tried to implement laws in order to apply the means by which techniques of neutralization could be developed. Some of these laws include social welfare and development. For instance, the government developed the social security system, health care system, and as well as programs for the benefit of the masses. The problem on economic deprivation started when people tend to notice the dividing line between rich and the poor. Hence, many poor people chose to commit property crimes because they believed that they were economically-deprived.

Moreover, most of the people who are considered as criminals due to the commission of property crimes had their routine activities. In most cases, the cases of burglary, robbery, and other property crimes will escalate when unemployment rate increases. Besides, most of the victims of property crimes were killed in the process of unlawfully taking their property which added to the gravity of the crime. Thus, the commission of property crime is a deep problem of the society which rooted from economic depression and deprivation.

In addition, the property crime for thrills, shoplifting, and arson are also common in the society. Some people are thrilled in stealing the properties owned by other individuals. The effect of such feeling is shoplifting which is common in shopping stores and promenades. The crime of arson is also a property crime in the sense that a property is burned for various reasons. For example, a criminal may burn a house after stealing some properties within the same. Other criminals would also burn a building or a house when he wanted to conceal the bodies of people that he killed inside the said properties.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that the main reason of the commission of property crime is economic problems. The society has been plagued by the ill-effects of robbery, burglary, shoplifting, and arson for a long time and the police are trying to protect the properties owned by different individuals. Hence, the problem of property crimes must be solved in the most effective way.


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