Olive Oil and Herb Soap

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This soap offers a rather masculine scent but is good for use by any adult.  The sage and rosemary offer some antibacterial and antibiotic properties that are safe for the cleaning of small cuts and scraps.  This soap is great for the gardener or the mechanic in your life.

Olive oil soap base

Ground sage

Rosemary essential oil

Olive oil

3 Drops Green Coloring

Melt the soap base in a double boiler until it is completely melted. Take off of the heat.  Add the olive oil and ground sage to the melted soap base and stir until blended. Next add the coloring and stir it until well blended. Add the rosemary essential oil and stir.  Pour the mixture into a prepared soap mold.  Allow your soap to cool for several hours.  Once it is set, take it out of the mold and cut it into bars.  Wrap the bars in plastic and store in a cool dry place.


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