Malaysia Paradise Tioman Island Tours Part 4 of 5

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Trek across the verdant hill from Juara to Tekek and enjoy the cool waterfalls cascading over moss-covered rock formations at Mukut, or take a dip in the warm waters dotted with pastel-coloured reefs. Or head to the Marine Park Centre located between Air Batang and
Tekek Beach

I enjoyed the glass bottom boat rides more than the waters of the island. Every beach we stopped had its own aroma and beauty, the locals were always so friendly and taught us many water tricks. We met a local group, from Kuala Lumpur, sports group.  A year end company paid vacation trip. They stayed at chalets owned by the locals.  The rooms were air conditioned, with hot water showers attached.  Every room had 2 to 3 bunk beds, and bathrooms attached, quite decent clean rooms not so great but very good for the money spent. At other locations were rooms with just ceiling fans running all day all night long

Tioman Island is a treasure cove of breathtaking marine attractions. Corals, seashells and limpets, sea urchins, colourful seaweeds and anemones, starfish and a myriad of other aquatic wonders are abundant here. The crystal clear waters make scuba diving and snorkelling in Tioman an experience unlike any other. Other neighbouring islands recommended for scuba diving and snorkelling are Chebeh, Tulai, Renggis, Sembilang, Seri Buat and Gut.

Anglers’ Bountiful Paradise
People who love fishing can enjoy a bountiful catch at Tioman Island, simply hire a boat for a day, anchor outside the Marine Park limits where fishing is permitted. By dusk, you will have a catch large enough for a sumptuous barbecue on the beach or something different and challenging, try the deep-sea fishing. Among the species of fishes and crustaceans found here are groupers, morays, tunas, parrotfish, sea-bass, red snappers, stingrays, plaices, soles, cora trouts, blue marlins, squids, cuttlefish, shrimps, crabs, prawns and lobsters.

Golf on the island – 18 Hole Golf Course
For golf-lovers, tee off at the 18-hole international-standard golf course set amidst lush tropical greenery. Enjoy the picturesque sight of rustic villages scattered around the island, where the people are charming, friendly and gracious.

Tioman is a beautiful, popular and affordable holiday destination fly into Singapore or Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Than by road to coastal area in east coast, by ferry into this beautiful island in part two of the paradise island. Tioman Island is accessible by boat from Mersing town or Tanjung Gemok, Rompin, a journey which takes about 2 hours.

God Bless Amen! Cathy B Kaur, Houston, Texas


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