Malaysia Paradise Tioman Island in Part 2 of 5

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Travel by road from Kuala Lumpur
Travelers  may drive from Kuala Lumpur via Kuantan to Rompin to Tangung  Gemuk : The East coast Highway (E8 ) from KL to Kuantan; Route No 3 southwards through town of Pekan via Rompin to Tanjung Gemuk or From Kuala Lumpur you may take the Transnational bus to Mersing  (5 hours). Tickets cost approximately RM 35. (Malaysian Ringgit). From elsewhere in Malaysia: Transnational, S&S International and other bus companies that serve destinations along  the east coast (Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan, Kota Bahru etc.) mostly stop at Mersing athe main jetty for ferry rides into the main island.

Travel by road from Singapore
Singapore getting to Mersing – lies on peninsular Malaysia’s east coast, is about 3 hours’ drive north-east of Singapore. If you are relying on public transport, you may need to spend the night in Mersing in order to catch the early morning ferry or boat to the island. Book in advance if your trip coincides with the weekend or any public holidays in Singaporean & Malaysian , during holiday season you will have difficulty in getting accommodations on the island. If you try the local chalets sometimes these folks overbook and get you cramped into rooms usually 3 -4 bunk beds you end up squeezed 5 – 6 bunk beds. The beaches are crowded and the facilities to charter, less options to move around peacefully on the island

Express Air Conditioned Bus Rides
Advice for those who decide to travel by road, may have to spend a night at Mersing at the ferry terminal, even though Malaysian is the local language, but English is well understood and well spoken by the locals, there are restaurants and convenience stores for for personal requirements and food items, as on the island it can be costly. In town, approximately 15-20 minutes’ walk from the jetty, there are banks, ATMs, internet cafes, supermarkets, shops and hotels (in case you need to spend the night in Mersing). Many of  Tioman’s resorts have offices in Mersing, close to the ferry terminal. There is a secure car park that charges around ten Malaysian Ringgit per day.

By flights from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur
The small airport strip on the flat side of the Island, is a walking distance to the resorts on the island. This island is also accessible by air, from Singapore Changi Airport a 40 minute flight, or from Kuala Lumpur at Seletar or Subang airports, to the airport at Tekek Village on Tioman. It a small airstrip on the island it carters for (turboprop) aircrafts it accommodates max of 42 seater aircrafts due to the short runways. The nearest airports accessible are 2, Mersing airport in Johor Bahru and Changi airport in Singapore

Tioman Island by International Flights
Traveling from the USA or any country, I will suggest that months of May, will be cost effective. Travelers may fly into Singapore and travel by road to Mersing and by speedboat to the island. Spend good 4 days on the island and travel back from Tioman to Mersing and than by road to Kuala Lumpur and you may fly back from Singapore. You can visit Singapore and Malaysia together with good savings.

God Bless Amen! Cathy B Kaur, Houston, Texas


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