Malaysia Paradise Tioman Island in Part 1 of 5

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It has a population of approximately 3,500 people most of the island about 13,000 hectors  Lush tropical jungle covers about 12,000 hectares of the island and countless mountain streams and waterfalls sustain the many protected species of mammals and birds.

On this beautiful island relax to the cool, refreshing breeze and soothing waves. Bask in the tropical sun or walk along the shores during sunrise or sunset to experience the beauty of the island. Travellers simply enjoy the picturesque sight of rustic villages scattered around the island, where the people are charming, friendly and gracious.

When approaching the island you may sense seeing a sleeping dragon, with its dark green scales, the two peaks on the island, you will see the two dragon horns, a story told as a legend by the local tour guides It is about five hours boat ride from the main land and if by speed boats it is just two hours. Wow! journey begin in the deep dark blue sea, you at times may view large turtles afloat, and at time bunch of dolphins traveling through their flips a eye catching view, after about 30 approximately thirty minutes on the speedboat you will come across the clear dark blue sea, the quietness, the small and large waves that at times hit against the boat and splash waters all over.

This spectacular view and experience a print in the memory for ever. Monsoon season starts in months of October and November. The boast and ferries are delayed, by the weather reports on every hour of the day. There are a number of excellent beaches on Tioman, and curves of golden sand are usually tucked away at the edges of villages or fronting one of the many resorts. This beautiful island is frequently visited by all walks of life, weekend, school holidays, public holidays , families with small children, honeymooners, scuba divers, backpackers, adventurers and even those looking for a slice of exclusivity and luxury, group tours are arranged by local travel agents with 4 days 3 nights packages includes boat transfer, accommodations , meals and island tours, The beauty , it crystal clear light blue, green crystal waters, on rides around
the island you see corrals and the pretty beautiful little fish.

Tioman is a beautiful, popular and affordable holiday destination fly into Singapore or Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Than by road to coastal area in east coast, by ferry into this beautiful island in part two of the paradise island. Tioman Island is accessible by boat from Mersing town or Tanjung Gemok, Rompin, a journey which takes about 2 hours.

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