Respiratory Disease Asthma

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Asthma symptoms frequently cause sleeplessness, daytime fatigue, reduced activity levels. Modern medicine has little help for patients with asthma, most drugs produces a temporary effect. There are a variety of medicines available to treat asthma.  What is important to know is that there is no “best” medicine for all people.  Herbs can be very helpful, reduces attacks, and strengthens the lungs and immune system. It is good to be happy, tension free, worries or tensions can trigger an asthmatic attack. Asthma symptoms can occur at any time of day. Poor digestion produces toxins that can trigger an asthmatic attack. The buildup of toxins in the sufferers’ body is caused by poor digestion; chemical imbalances can be treated with natural herbal remedies.

Eat more cold water fish with high content of fish oils. Fish like salmon, halibut, sardines cooked in mustard or tomato sauce, along with herbal and nutritional methods can reduce asthma symptoms

  • Make mullein oil in the form of tea and drink; it fights against respiratory congestion
  • For instant asthma relief drink a warm glass of milk.
  •  Drink a hot black coffee very hot as you can.
  •  Boil garlic clove with a glass of milk, drink it when it cools off.
  •  Drink a glass of 2/3 carrot juice, 1/3 spinach juice, 2 times a day.
  •  For instant relief: take a teaspoon of ginger juice mixed with honey and drink it.
  •  Holly Basil supplements can help; it maintains the health of the throat and lungs.

Remedies and herbs that help cure asthma attacks:

  1. Steaming hot ginger tea with minced garlic, honey and lemon helps asthmatic patients.
  2. Ginkgo Balboa, this powerful herb contains Gingolides. that helps to reduce the frequency of asthma attacks. It increases circulation in a person’s body, more oxygen to the entire body,  especially to the lungs. Gingolides are known to help reduce the symptoms of Allergic Asthma.
  3.  The bark of  Anrjun a  tree has benefits in the treatment of Asthma. It is taken in a powder form sprinkled on the preparation of rice cooked with condensed milk.
  4.  Powdered Bay berry bark is also effective in the treatment of asthma.
  5.  Regular use of garlic and ginger can reduce the severity of asthmatic attacks
  6. Dry grapes are beneficial in asthmatic patients.

God Bless Amen! By Cathy B Kaur


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