The Disney Movie 8 Below Rated 5 Stars

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If you like suspend and adventure as well as dogs, you will enjoy this incredible movie about a sled team that is left behind in the Artic because the trusted owner could not find anyone to fly him back in to pick up the dogs when a winter blizzard moves in.

The dogs are left behind, but never forgotten by their owner played by Paul Walker. He searches for the money and someone to take him back to find his beloved team. No one is willing or able to help because no one travels to this area during the winter months.

The dogs have some incredible adventures. They get loose from their collars, hunt, and trap their food to survive. Some do not make it, but the team continues. You will see heartfelt scenes that will make you wonder if dogs are really this intelligent. The location set for this movie is fantastic and will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen to the dogs next.

Disney’s 8 Below is a superb movie made about a true story. It captures the dedication to human love for a dog and the dog’s incredible need to survive and reunite with the one person they loved and trusted. Do not be surprised if you have a few tears throughout the movie as you watch the connection between man and dog.

Mans adventure to rescue his dogs from the frozen tundra shows how much love there is between a man and his dogs. You will see how others who wanted to help have finally found a way to see if the dogs are still alive or dead.


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