Christmas Dessert: Stollen

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Ever since I can remember, my mom has been making stollen for Christmas. While we would normally eat this for breakfast on Christmas morning, many people would actually consider it a dessert as it is a baked sweet with candied or dried fruits.

I have never actually made the stollen by myself, but it is easy to make stollen. I never used to eat it because I tried it and I never liked the candied fruit. However, once we found that we could use dried fruit in the stollen, we found we liked the taste much better and that I really liked it as well.


2 can of refrigerated crescents

2 bars of 8oz cream cheese (more if you want)

Candied fruit or dried fruit of your choice

Powdered sugar (optional)

Water (optional)


Cookie tray

One medium mixing bowl

One small mixing bowl (optional)

Two spoons

First, leave the cream cheese out so it softens and gets to room temperature.

Once the cream cheese is softened, dump it into the medium mixing bowl. Add the types of candied fruit or dried fruit that you want. Using one of the spoons, mix these together thoroughly with the cream cheese.

Now open the crescents and lay them out on the baking sheet, making one whole crust out of them, even if it requires pushing them together.

Once this is done, preheat the oven to the temperature that is given in the instructions on the can for the refrigerated crescents.

Using the spoon that you used to mix the cream cheese and fruit together to spread the cream cheese and fruit mixture evenly over the middle of the crescents, making sure to leave the sides empty so they can be folded over the mixture inside.

Once the cream cheese mixture is inside, fold the crescents up over the mixture so they cover the cream cheese mixture and touch so the whole crust covers all of the cream cheese mixture.

If the oven is not done preheating, let it finish preheating. Now bake the stollen according to the baking directions on the packaging from the refrigerated crescents.

Once the stollen is finished baking, remove it from the oven and set it aside to cool. You can then start on making the glaze, which is optional.

In order to make the glaze, put some water into the small bowl and mix it with some of the powdered sugar. Adjust the mixture until you are happy with the consistency of the glaze.

Then use the spoon to drizzle or spoon the glaze over the stollen.

Now the stollen is ready to serve. Serve by cutting into individual servings and putting them on a plate along with a fork in order to be able to eat the stollen.

The amount of servings depends on the size of the slice each person is served.


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