How to Secure Your On-Line Transaction

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With the progress of Internet technology, allows us to make buying and selling unlimited space and time are easily and quickly. There are several means of payment that can be used, such as credit cards, e-gold, evo cash, e-bullion or internet banking.

We often feel scared and afraid to make online transaction , remembering  there were  a lot of news about the burglary credit card, credit card abuses, etc.. Here are my attempt to give some tips that can minimize the chances of those happening :

First, Try not to use public computers such as in cafes and so on. Public computers, even more so in the cafe, did not rule out the owner or manager enable scripts assigned to take notes or spy on what you are doing. Right now  there are a lot of special hardware that is connected to the keyboard cable that will record everything you type through the keyboard (is called : keyloger). So why don’t you use your Pc or Laptop. With your Pc or Laptop you can perform checked on your hardware routinely  if there is new hardware installed without your knowledge. In addition , clean the trojans scripts and cookies routinely (there are many programs to do this which can be obtained free of charge and does not violate intellectual property law).

Second, If you are not online (connected to your ISP) watch your modem. If the indicator light send / receive data  on  modem blink was blinked, you need to be alert. This can be a sign of a modem or damage, or maybe someone’s trying to send your data when you were not  online  (such as scripts it would ride to send your data). Just turn off your modem or check and clean Trojans and  cookies.

Third, Do not ever give your credit card number to someone not  known if  there was an email with an offer to perform an automatic debit from your credit card account with a very low price.

Fourth,  Get used to it and make a compulsion to always click the logout button, log off or sign out on the internet banking accounts or your online financial accounts other.

Fifth, If possible, ask the bank guarantee from your credit card issuer to always do a confirmation in real time (direct to you via phone) if there spending transactions via your credit card. This method is very safe, but many banks do not want to do it.

So, Just always to remember above steps if you are in online transaction.  Hopefully, this article can be useful  to you.

Good Luck.


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