Dot Coffee Shop

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“Yummy Yummy Yummy…I got love in my tummy…and I feel like I’m lovin’ you!!!” Dot is a good version of the traditional restaurant. This diner is cleaner than most and you will find that it gets quickly bussed. It’s an attractive crib…with noticeably good quality furniture. It’s also larger…than a lot of the diners you may frequent.

However…the utility of degree, or extent of the attract-ability of this restaurant would come to naught, were in not for the satisfying menu and easiness of the purse strings.

The eggs are really large and have quite a nice flavor to them. Pair a couple of these up with some strawberry pancakes and a side of bacon. Well…it’s like giving you a “kick” in your pants and helps to get your day going!

Like Denny’s, they have other items on the menu, like a 12oz rib-eye steak. To be honest, I like to add a couple of those large tasty eggs cooked over medium, with a side of hash-browns (extra crispy), with this nice rib-eye cut, prepared medium rare. OUCH!!! “I feel good!!! Na…na…na…na…na… You know that I would now!!! Na…na.. na…na…na…) I feel good!!! Dunt…dunt… dunt!!! I feel good!!! Dunt…na…na…na…” I know how to get your taste buds going…don’t I???

In addition to the breakfast and nighttime fare, there are also pies and cakes made in-house. Dot does a brisk business and is packed on weekend mornings and stays somewhat busy the rest of the time. Check this crib out. The food is scrumptious enough to eat and that’s just what I’m gonna do.


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