The Top 5 Brands of Potato Chips and Why You Should Buy Them

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When deciding on buying potato chips, just which ones are the best to buy? Is it okay to simply grab a bag off of the grocery store shelves and bring them home or to that gathering? Should there be more of a decision to the potato chips that are brought? Here is a guide to the top fivebrands or types of potato chips and reasons why you should or should not bring them.

5. Baked Lays Potato Chips

Baked Lays Potato Chips are healthy. However, they do not have a great crunch like fried potato chips. They easily get soggy. While the flavor is good for somebody who prefers crackers or wafers with a light taste, these do not compare to other potato chips. Bring these to a ladies’ luncheon. Do not bring them to a child’s birthday party.

4. Store or Generic Brand – Flat

It is easy enough to just grab any flat potato chips. Since there is not much difference in the different brands, simply get a store or generic brand. They are cheaper than Lays and other name brand chips and offer the same type of flavor and crunch. The only reasons to not buy these chips are if they somehow do end up being more expensive or are extremely unhealthier than those name brand potato chips.

They are just as enjoyable as any other flat potato chips. Of course, there’s always the problem of flavorings and salt not staying on the flat chips, but that happens even when they are name brand. Bring these chips to any party or gathering.

3. Store or Generic Brand – Ridged

It is much better to get ridged potato chips, especially if they have a flavorings. It is still good to have ridges even when they are plain. The ridges do hold flavorings and salt onto the chips rather than letting them all fall to the bottom of the bag. It is rare that a name brand is going to cost less than a store or generic brand, so go with buying the store or generic brand to save money. Bring these to any party or gathering.

2. Ridged Lays fried in sunflower oil

As stated before, the ridged chips hold in a better flavor. Lays has potato chips that are fried in sunflower oil. This makes the chips healthier as those are healthier oils. There are also Lays that are flat available that are fried in sunflower oil, but the flavor is not as good. These chips make great snacks at any party or gathering.

1. Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut: Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper

Kettle Food does an amazing job with their chips. From day one the potatoes have been fried in sunflower and safflower oil, so the chips are much healthier. There are other flavors and cuts of Kettle Brand Chips, but the Krinkle Cut with the Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper is one of the best for gatherings. The two spices create a wonderful taste. It is a taste that most anybody will like.

The pepper does a good job of stopping continuously munching these chips as well. These will definitely make a great snack at a children’s party if the servings are limited. They will also make a great snack at any luncheon or more sophisticated gathering. Guest will probably be glad that these chips were brought as they are delicious, but even though they can seem addicting, will not let them munch on them for a long amount of time.


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