Where’s Emma

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I don’t know my husband’s extended family very well. Most of them came to the wedding, and we’ve been to a couple of these gatherings, but I still don’t know everyone by name. Even hubby doesn’t know all of his cousins’ children. Big family. Lots of kids. A few dogs. Great day for a barbeque.

Sometime after lunch, we were sitting and chatting, and most of the kids were off playing. The park had lots of trails, and a few of the moms went for a walk. Suddenly, someone asked “Where’s Emma?” Everyone looked around, but no one had seen her lately.

The moms had just come back from their walk, and when they heard that Emma was missing they turned back and started calling her. No answer.

I didn’t join the search because I didn’t know who Emma was. Hubby and a few of his uncles and cousins were sitting at a table playing cards, and none of them looked too panicked yet. Hubby didn’t know who Emma was either, so he stayed at the card game.

About a half hour later, some of the moms were sounding a little more panicked. Emma was nowhere to be found. The park was huge, and there were so many trees and other places for a little one to hide.

Hubby finally got up, and the little poodle who had been sleeping on his lap woke up. Emma was found! Rejoicing all around! I suppose that he and I were the only ones there who didn’t know that Emma was his aunt’s new puppy.


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