10 Funny Star Wars Spoof Videos

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If this wasn’t the very first Star Wars spoof video from more than a dozen years ago, it’s at least the most classic of those early videos. This one is a parody of both Star Wars and the television show COPS. That’s right, the Empire’s finest take to the harsh streets of Tatooine.


Unemployed Stormtrooper

It’s a tough economy out there, and even Stormtroopers are going without work. So what do the former members of the Empire’s best and brightest do when unemployed? Hang out at the arcade with the kids. And then some.


The Emperor Gets a Job

Stormtroopers aren’t the only ones looking for jobs. Even the Emperor himself is having to stoop to using a temp agency to land work. And yes, he did survive after Return of the Jedi. At least according to this video.


Grocery Store Wars

Vegetables and fruits go to war! In the super market, of all places.


Star Trek vs. Star Wars

If you’re a science fiction fan, you’ve probably wondered what would happen if the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek: Next Generation ran up against the Galactic Empire from Star Wars. This video shows what events could transpire.


Star Wars Help Desk

Even the Empire needs a help desk to keep things running smoothly. Or maybe not so smoothly.


Death Star Canteen

The audio from this (very) amateur video is taken from English comedian Eddie Izzard’s skit about Darth Vader trying to get something to eat at the Death Star’s canteen. Word of warning, however, some of the language is not appropriate for children.


Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager

Did you know Darth Vader had a younger brother named Chad Vader? He did. And there’s a whole series of video shorts exploring Chad’s adventures. This is the first one. It has Chad as a grocery store manager.


Injured Stormtrooper

Ever notice Stormtrooper seem to die real easily? Usually from just one shot. So what’s with all the armor? What good is it? This video explores this.



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