Understanding Venus in Capricorn For Love And Relationship

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A vast number of astrologers claims that when a person bears a Venus in Capricorn in her natal chart she becomes materialistic while seeking mate. It is also emphasized that the person’s ability to have fun in love becomes limited because she cannot completely involve herself in the relationship. Unfortunately, such claims make the Venus in Capricorn look misunderstood. And why it is so will be analyzed here.

Generally, it is seen that the sign of Capricorn has a practical approach to life because this sign thinks logically. Same happens when it falls in Venus. That is, a person carrying it knows that a relationship is not something to be messed around and loving the wrong person has a negative consequence. For this reason, she keeps away from unorthodox sexual affairs. Another point to be noted is that the sign of Capricorn is goal-oriented. To be clear, it wants to succeed in life. Likewise, someone with Venus in the Capricorn wants to accomplish the goal of getting to the ultimate happiness in the relationship by being involved with someone who would promise her seriousness, security, trust and love. She also wants her man to be good looking, but not in the eyes of public. He must be actually good looking to her, for bodily attraction is important at least for the satisfaction in lovemaking.


Astrologers also feel that the Venus in Capricorn does not allow a person to go too deep into the relationship. This is another misjudgment. In general, Capricorn is a sign that highly emphasizes responsibility and stability. So when a person’s Venus falls in Capricorn she actually become instantly capable of being responsible in the relationship which she does by being with her lover through thick and thin. Also, she tries her best to maintain stability because she knows being unstable does not lead to happiness and that it is rather dysfunctional. This again is connected to the mind of the person. Having a Venus in Capricorn makes her calm in the relationship. That is, in her head she is completely in love, but she will not expose it in odd way to avoid looking clingy to her partner.

In conclusion, Venus in Capricorn makes a person traditional. She wants to be actually a wife and not a mistress or player. Apparently, it is highly true that this sign in Venus makes her determinded to continue a relationship no matter what. So basically anyone who gets to have a lover of this must know that he has someone extremely reliable by his side. In short, someone having Venus in Capricorn in her chart will not break up with her partner easily.

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