Make a Difference: Keep Recycling those Aluminum Cans

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Did you know that even the smallest things you do to help with energy conservation can make a huge difference for our energy needs of the future?  The fact is they do.  Take for instance the recycling of aluminum cans.  Over 91% of people in the United States recycles aluminum cans.  According to the Aluminum Can Council, by recycling just one aluminum can that will save enough energy to keep a 100 watt light bulb burning for nearly four hours.  It also saves enough energy to run your television set for nearly three hours.

You can clearly see what recycling just one aluminum can will do for energy but it also aids with removing waste from landfills as well.  Each year according to the Aluminum Can Council, 1.7 billion, yes that is billion with a “b”, pounds of waste gets diverted away from landfills by recycling aluminum cans.

Many people think when it comes to recycling that the recycled product is not as good as the original which may be true for other products but not true for aluminum cans.  Aluminum cans can be recycled forever without any loss to its strength or durability, and in fact it is cheaper to make new aluminum cans from recycled aluminum than it is to make aluminum cans from aluminum plating.

You might think that recycle process might be this long drawn out tedious task performed by scientists in some back chemistry room somewhere, but again that would be false.  Recycling aluminum is a fast paced high production service.  In fact a recycled aluminum can will be back on the shelf again usually within 60 days.  Now that is fast.

Finally, studies have shown that recycling aluminum cans will actually reduce the environmental footprint of each success can made from that aluminum.  Of course the less we leave behind now, the better our future will be.

Now take into account the number of cans your family uses in a month or a year.  That adds up to a lot of energy savings, reduction in landfill space and carbon footprinting.  So the first tip is to keep up that recycling of aluminum cans, and if you know anyone in that 9% that is not recycling tell them to get on the ball.

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