Flight Delays During the Winter: 10 Tips To Use

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  1. Airports have different congestion levels. For instance, a major city airport would have more flight delays than a neighbor, smaller airport since less people would be using it.
  2. Ask for a on-time performance of each flight you are considering. This is available upon request as required by the Department of Aviation for major U.S. airlines when a reservation is made by you via the carrier. Also, these airlines provide the same information available through their computer reservations systems to consumers booking througth a travel agent.
  3. Be mentally prepared for the possibility of weather-related delays. Otherwise, this may create a high stress situation
  4. Book your departure during early morning since airlines tend to have more flight delays throughtout the day. Late afternoon and evening tend to have the most delay times.
  5. Call daily three to four days before a major snow/ice storm or natural disaster. Airports may give an approximate information regarding a flight delay. Hence, if it has been snowing 6 to 7 inches everay day for 3 days in a row then there will be a likely delay or cancellation.
  6. Check with your airline 2 to 3 hours before your departure time to check on your flight’s status. Some airlines will contact you but if they only find out a few hours before the airline representative/computer system may not reach you.
  7. Flight delays because of weather happen. Determine if it is best to wait it out or try to reschedule.
  8. Flight cancellations happen so check with the airline about rebooking you on the next available flight at no charge.
  9. Speak with the airline carrier about possible refunds for flight delays and cancellations such policies may differ. Also, check to see if you can get a motel room nearby for no charge or a reduced rate.
  10. Use nonstop flights. You will not be taking two flights so it is less likely to be delayed. For example, if flight one is on time but flight two is late you run into travel problems.

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