How to lose weight faster.

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Weight loss can be a long and frustrating process, it needs to be done sensibly and slowly, but sometimes it can seem to take forever. There are some things that you can do that will help speed the process up a bit.

Vitamin B: This causes the metabolism to speed up, and so it is useful for those that are trying to lose weight. It also increases energy, so you will feel more awake and more likely to want to be more active.

Water: So many people do not drink enough water, we used to be told that we ha to drink 8 glasses a day, but studies have now shown that the amount tends to be different for each person. Drink cold water, the body needs to burn calories in order to get the water up to the temperature of your body, so your body will burn more calories than you have put in. Also, if you feel hungry, have a drink of water, the body will sometimes confuse hunger signals with thirst, so try sipping some water before you eat.

Ginger: This “wonder root” has many health benefits, it is said to cure nausea, indigestion, motion sickness, headaches, it is an anti-inflammatory and it can raise the metabolic rate (the rate at which your body burns calories) by 20%.

Green Tea: Said to help lower cholesterol and enhance fat oxidation, drinking 3 cups of green tea before exercise can increase the metabolic rate significantly.

Vitamin C: The body will use fat as a source of fuel, reduced levels of vitamin C can seriously decrease the bodies’ ability to do this. Keep your vitamin C levels nice and high with fruits and vegetables.

Remember that there is no quick fix to losing weight; it’s a simple calculation, if you burn off more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. The above suggestions are intended as a guide only and will not replace a calorie-controlled diet.


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