Fixing favorite links on Windows Vista

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In order to get back the original Favorite Links on Windows Explorer, you just have to create a new user and copy all the missed folder for your user.

Lets say you are “user1”:

1) As an administrator create a new user (call it “user2”) and make it standar user or administrator to match with the user you are trying to fix.

2) Log on as “user2”.

3) Open Windows Explorer and open the folder c:\Users\user2

4) Now open another instance of Windows Explorer and open the folder c:\Users\user1

5) Compare the two folders (user1 with user2) and copy from c:\Users\user2 all the folder that are not in c:\Users|user1, so copy to it in order to have both directory equals.

6) Log off and then log on back again as “user1”.

7) Open Windows Explorer and check if your Favorite Links default appear.

Now you can again create new favorite links as before.

I hope it would help.




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