A Personal Work Comp Experience

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I started working at this business November of 2008. I was hired on as a supervisor. There was two people above me. One of those people the store manager of this location. The other lady was a supervisor, but had been promised the Assistant Manager Position.

In all I liked my job. There was these two ladies that I loved with all my heart. Both of them worked there behind off, and got nothing in return. These two ladies was the only reason I kept working there. Most of the employees were like family, including the store manager.

Within a few months I was promoted to Assistant Manager. I was happy with the promotion. I saw it as a chance to move up in the company, and felt I could. It got to the point where the Store Manager was calling in a lot, leaving early, and never worked a weekend. I would be the one to cover that time. I did enjoy the extra hours, but got a lot of slack about her from our Area Manager. The Area Manager was actually considering demoting the Store Manager, but I kept covering for her.

On August 22, 2009 something happened. I was moving a large fireplace onto a dolly. The box slipped, landed full weight on the dolly, the dolly bounced back up, then the wheel slammed on my foot. It was extremely painful, but I thought I could walk it off.

I pulled the fireplace to the front of the store, and tried to unpack it. I was starting to tear up, one of the ladies asked me what was wrong. When I told her, she pushed me to call the store manager. I did not want to, she had things planned, and I didn’t want to go to the doctor. I needed my job, and I know how business frown upon work comp.

Well, I decided to called the Store Manager after I could barely stand on the foot. She told me to call another supervisor, he did not answer. When I called back she told me she could not come, she was going to be enlisting her child in school 3 hours later. I had to call the Area Manager to report the incident. I still had no coverage when the area manger called back a couple of hour later to check on me.

The injury happened at about 10am, I did not have coverage until 1:30. I went to the doctor, and he told me it was a contusion. I accepted that and went back to work a couple of days later. I had restrictions, which the manager did not make me follow. Within a week I was back to unloading truck, and doing my everyday routine. My foot still hurt, but not to any extreme.

During the next couple of weeks my pain gradually worsened. It finally got to the point that I had problems walking. By the time I would get home my foot would be purple. Every time I would tell the manager about it, she would brush it off. I finally went to my own doctor.

I had an x-ray that showed massive swelling around my foot. My doctor sent me back with very limited restrictions. I went back a week later, and he decided to pull me off work. I went to the store crying to my manager, I did not want to lose my job over this.

Within the next couple of weeks I did not receive one call from anyone from the company. I tried to contact the store manager numerous times during this entire process, and never got a response. I did receive a letter saying they would not be holding my position because I had only been there 11 months. This bothered me because I wanted my job, and I needed it.

On my next appointment my doctor scheduled a nerve test. Well they discovered extensive nerve damage in my foot. My doctor continued to have me off work. I had an appointment with the state doctor the next day. When I went he did not have the nerve test results. He released me back to work, but I could only stand for 5 minutes at a time. In retail, that is funny.

I called the store manager and told her about everything. She was going to check with corporate, then put me on the schedule. I tried to contact her a few more times that week, without a response. She finally called me the following week to tell me that corporate would not allow me to come back until I was completely healed.

Since the state doctor said I could go back with those restrictions, I lost all benefits. The company did not have to schedule me, and work comp did not have to pay me. I have disputed this, with no success.

It is now January. I still have a lot of swelling, and pain. I have to get shots in my leg every other week. I have not received on payment from Work Comp, The company or any Government agency since October 21st. I do not believe in asking people for help. The only income I have received in from writing these articles online, and that has been about $400 in the last two months. If it was not for my husband, I would have nothing.

With the threat of losing my apartment, car, and everything else I own, I am now looking for employment. I will have to stand on my feet a lot, but I am going to have to deal with the pain. I cannot start another job if they know I am injured, it is just that simple.

I had not heard anything from that company since the call from store manager called about being 100%, that was in early November. I have been in management a long time, so I knew what that meant. I did talk to a couple of employees since then, and discovered that the store manager had been making harsh comments about the situation. It was hurtful, but nothing was as hurtful as a comment I receive on one of my articles.

I just wanted to share my personal work comp experience. Even after you have lost your employment and other things, they can continue to provide distractions in your life.


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