Bleacher Report Website – Open Source Sports Network (Website Review)

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I’ve been a member/writer for Bleacher Report for nearly a year and as far as I’m concerned, the site really helped me a lot and it boosted my writing skills to a higher level.

Bleacher Report is an open sourced-sports network in which anyone can write sports-related.

It’s a great site for young and budding writers simply because it caters to a huge audience. It also has affiliated itself with different media institution such as CBS Sports and Fox Sports.

For me it was a privilege to be part of a wondrous site such as Bleacher Report. Back in those days, I usually write several articles a week.

Bleacher Report served as my stepping stone for better writing gigs. I owe a lot to this website and it gave me the break which I always long for.

Despite the fact that majority of the writers such as myself are not blessed with Shakespearean-like skills the site and the community offers various opportunities for improvements.

There are so many community-dedicated writers there who are willing to help not to mention the ever reliable moderators and the hard working editors that were a pleasure to work with.

However, there are a ton of issues that still haunt the site up to this moment.

It’s easy to beat the system — The site, accordingly values quality over quantity but the fact of the matter is it rarely does.

If you can come up with 500 mediocre articles in a month, you’ll sure end up as Bleacher Report’s top ranked writer — a title which sometimes considered as the laughingstock of the community.

There are also issues on the validity of the supposed to be stellar “Article of the Day” — anyone can create multiple accounts and for obvious reasons vote their own article for the daily award. It has always been an issue.

The good thing is the pros outnumber the cons.

In a ten-star rating system, I’ll give it a seven.


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