How to Disable ActiveX

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    Then click on the Internet Web content zone to specify its security settings. Then click on the Custom Level option. This will open the Security Settings window. Look for it in the group ActiveX controls and plug-and off all its entrances. Click OK twice in a row, so you’ve disabled the controls.

In case you had already installed the drivers ActiveX can be eliminated if they so wish. To do this, go to Tools menu, Internet Options, General. In the group Temporary Internet Files click on the Settings button. Then click on the View button objects. This opens a Windows Explorer window where you can view the contents of the folder Downloaded Program File, with all the ActiveX controls that you’ve downloaded. Select all the controls you want to delete and click on the Finish button.

However, remember that in the event that turn these kinds of controls that will not be able to view some pages you can navigate the Web. So, if you want to make sure you have downloaded a program that can detect potential problems, such as a firewall.


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