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Set up a blogging account with either WordPress (highly recommended for people with some knowledge on building a blog), or blogger, Google’s user friendly blog interface (recommended for novice bloggers). Either one is free.

Create a Google adsense account (free). If using blogger, it is referred to as blogger adsense. Setting up a Google adsense account is relatively easy. Visit the site below as it wall walk you through the instructions.

Try to write on topics that are newsworthy or have some sort of public interest. Do some legwork and seek out your audience in that niche. For example, you can create a fashion blog, which is a highly popular topic and ranked high in search engines. Actively find forums and groups that relate to the “fashion” topic. Join that forum, setting up a profile, and link your blog address to it.This way, viewers who find you and your posts interesting can check out your profile…and blog 🙂

Monetize your blog. When you write on topics that interest, use good keywords that will earn you money. A good trick to figuring out good keywords is to visit the google adword’s keyword tool. Type in keywords relating to your topic and see how much they are worth pay per click. If they are worth $10.00, use that keywords. This will help google adsense generate high paying ads that are associated with your high paying keywords used in your blogs content. When someone clicks on an adsense ad, that keyword, worth $10, goes into your pocket.

Write articles pertaining to your blog’s subject, and link your blog to them. Use sites like eZine (recommended because their site ranks on google, know that they just don’t have a compensation program), and passive income sites like eHow and Bukisa, to increase your blog’s exposure.

Figure out a niche that you enjoy or are knowledgeable on. Don’t have something? Think harder, everyone has something that they are interested in or at least somewhat knowledgeable on.

Create a post, and post DAILY. Post on anything that fancies you. When everything is up and ready to go, submit your blog to major search engines. Start with Google, Bing, yahoo.

Post your blog on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and even Orkut. Encourage your networking group, and friends to check out your site/blog. Post updates daily to keep the info fresh.

Ping your blog every time you update it with posts. This will ensure that your blogs are ranked higher on the search engine and it will dramatically increase your web traffic.


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