what is a Fish Spa?

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The first time I ever saw a fish spa was in Kula Lumpur in Malaysia. It was so strange for me watching people stitting on benches putting their feet on water or some thing more like an aquarium and many tiny fishes around their feet!

Then i learned that these fishes are not just fishes but they are a spacial spices of fish called Garra Rufa.actually they dont bite you because they even dont have a tooth!they are not like leaches that suck blood but they eat dead skin on the foot and legs and help the leg to breath!

after the dead skin is removed the legs and feet look fresh and shiny. some people also claim that their skin problems solved after the fish spa.some patients with a skin disease named psoriasis claimed that they got much better after fish spa.

The first time ever the fish spa emerged was in Japan and crovatia but the fish is coming from hot springs in turkey and middle eastern rivers.the other names for this fish are nibble fish and little dermatologist.

The first fish spa was opened in USA in 2008 in Virginia.

some other disease that might get better or the symptoms will temporarly subside are eczema and dermititis.


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