Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Dubrovnik, Croatia has been around for over 900 years and sits in the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik was built in the middle ages and soon became the only city in the Adriatic to rivial Venice. It was an merchant city, independent for over 700 years until Neapolan abolished it in 1806.

There are two ways into Old Town. The Easter gate, or Pile Gate is busiest and the one the tourist ususally use.

And no. They do not taken USD. Only kuna (the local currency) or Euro thank you very much.

It takes about four hours to walk the wall and explore the little town. It’s an amazing view of the Old Town. Remember, the sun will be following you all day long, with little to no relief. Wear sunglassess and a hat or take an umbrella. Don’t forget sunscreen and water.

There is so much arcitecture down below in town. Churches, houses and museums to mention a few buildings. The Rector’s Palace houses a memorial to the 114 Dubrovnik citizens who were killed between 1991 and 1995.

There are plenty of stores with Dubrovnik souveniors for you to buy.

Anyone else worried about where this cannon is pointed??

That is the color I would use to describe Dubrovnik.
Red tile houses, red laundry and war.

In 1991, Dubrovnik was attacked. Croatian War of Independence lasted 4 years. In Croatia the war is referred to as the Homeland War was against Yugoslavia and the Serbs. Over 100 Dubrovnik civilians were killed.

Here is a map in case you don’t know where the Adriatic Sea and Croatia are located because I sure didn’t!


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