Make your home safe for your toddler

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Make your home safe for your toddler

Your baby is now a toddler and keeping up with him or her isn’t easy. You can recognize the home of a toddler. What used to be a stylish adult environment is now littered with plastic childproofing accessories. Most accidents occur at home. Never leave your child unattended.

In the house

Lock away dangerous substances and medications. A child can easily poison himself if he gets hold of any of these household chemicals. Keep him away from kitchen cooking. Burns and cuts often occur there. Make sure he can’t get hold of the kettle flex. It’s easy to pull a kettle full of hot water onto him. Make sure irons are out of reach and knifes locked away.

Make sure toys are appropriate for his age. Toys should not have sharp or small pieces that can put in his mouth and which can cause him to choke. Toys are generally safe, but make sure they are not lead – painted.

In the bathroom

The floor should be dry so the child cannot slip. Don’t leave water in the bathtub. It doesn’t take much water for a child to drown.

In bed

From the age of three or four months, a baby can fall. Once the baby starts to turn, he can fall off a bed. Once the baby can crawl, he can fall down the stairs, so put stair gates at the bottom and top of the stairs. Make sure the windows have locks or grills, or he could easily fall out of the window.

In the car

Your child may be strapped in and you may have an airbag in your car, but don’t stop thinking about safety. If your child is strapped in on the front seat and there’s an accident and the air bag inflates, he could suffocate. If he’s behind the front passenger seat, the force of the airbag could send the front seat smashing into him. Make sure your child is strapped in behind the driver.


Always remember that the safety of your toddler is the most priority tasks for all parents. As the time of arrival for baby approaches, you may like to have everything just right. And as usual, in a style that is safe, fashionable and unique. Your toddler’s safety is an important part of your toddler’s lifestyle and not only needs to be comfy but also appealing.


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