The Bachelor – Season 14, Episode One, Jake Pavleka – Random Thoughts

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I’ll start out by saying that I have never been fully dedicated to watching The Bachelor.  It’s never been one of my top go-to shows, like Survivor or The Amazing Race.  Some seasons I watch, some seasons I don’t.  There’s no real rhyme or reason to it.

I was truly on the fence about watching this season of The Bachelor.   I was not thrilled when it was announced that Jake Pavelka would be the next Bachelor.  Is it just me, ladies, or is there something a little off about this guy?  Sure, he’s cute and apparently nice as all-get-out, but there just seems to be something not quite right about him.  I think he lacks some sort of skill in the social connection department.  It’s as if he were placed here by aliens who tried to turn one of their own into a human – getting it almost right, but being just a little bit off, in a robot-y kind of way.

Anyhoo, I gave in and decided to watch the season premiere of The Bachelor, mainly because I had nothing better to do.  The standard Bachelor “formula” was followed to a T.  There was a lot of giggling, pretty dresses, and cleavage galore!   And, even from the first episode, we can tell that at least a couple of the women in the house are not there for “the right reasons.”   As always, the women tried to outdo each other right from the get-go.  One woman, Ashley, even dressed up in a skimpy flight attendant outfit to try to catch the eye of commercial pilot Jake.  You’ve at least got to give her some points for creativity.

One of the funniest parts of the season premiere was the montage of clips that were shown at the very end to whet the viewers’ appetites for what will be coming up this season on The Bachelor.  Apparently, Jake is going to have his shirt off A LOT over the course of this season.  Plus, OMG, he might not be such a Mr. Nice Guy after all!!  A clip was shown of Jake getting “angry.”  He threw a chair, slammed a door and maybe even broke something, as far as I can remember.  I think he actually used the word “damn” at one point, can you believe it?  Oh, the drama!!

One slightly new twist was Jillian and Ed were brought in from last season’s Bachelorette to interview the ladies and help Jake make his choices for the first rose ceremony.  I totally think that this was a move on ABC’s part to convince the viewing public that Jillian and Ed are going to make it as a couple despite numerous reports last summer that Ed cheated on Jillian during and after the show.

Oh, wait, surprise, surprise!  I just discovered a story published today that Jillian and Ed have set a wedding date (see here).   Is all of this a coincidence?  I think not.  It is a well-choreographed dance to keep us all believing in The Bachelor.  The show can work, contestants can find their soul mates, and true love can prevail.

Yeah, right.  Anyone want to bet on whether Jillian and Ed make it to the altar???

Source: OK! Magazine website


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