Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Knifing Class

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Whether you dislike knifers and are out for revenge, or you are looking to expand your playstyle into more areas, a knifing kit is a must have for any player. In this guide, I will tell you how to construct your knifing kit from the ground up, and it will be better/just as good as anyone elses.

The first thing you want to have before making a knifing class is a tactical knife. What this does is dramatically speed up the time it takes to knife someone. Without a tactical knife, you will be swinging around enemies, and if you get into a group of enemies, you are as good as dead. You need 75-100 kills with a regular pistol (not machine pistol) to unlock this. There is a premade class with a tactical knife that you can use (if you have the magnum unlocked), kills with the knife count toward weapons kills, which will allow you to get kills easier (because pistol kills are hard enough). You could also jump into a Hardcore mode to easier kill enemies with a pistol. Or you can even boost your way to a tactical knife if you have a friend.

Now that you have your tactical knife, we need to start making the kit. Your primary weapon should be a Sub-machine gun. This is where everyone always messes up their knifing kit. If you have a kit with a submachine gun, you will run faster than someone who is using any other type of class. You will rarely use the sub machine gun, as you will always have your pistol out. For the times you need it, it really helps to have a gun that you can actually kill with, I recommend the UMP45. (Note: Mini Uzi/akimbo users can spray a kill fast, but suck at a distance, which is the only thing you would need your primary weapon for).

Your secondary weapon and your perks should be pretty simple. Put your secondary as the pistol you have a tactical knife for. The perks should be Marathon, Lightweight, and Commando. The pro versions of these perks will make you–climb faster, aim down sights after running faster, and longer knife distance. Do not change any of these perks. Set your deathstreak to Pain Killers. This helps a lot when running into a group of enemies. Grenades should be either frag or semtex (whichever you prefer) and stun or flash based on preference (smoke will mess you up).

Care package running is debated among different forums to be a glitch in the game or not. Running with the care package makes you go faster. Abusing this on a knife kit may be deadly, because it is too hard to shoot someone running extremely fast. I strongly advise you not to do this because you lose the ability to use your tactical knife, which beats care package running by a longshot.

Some basic tips here include your strengths and weaknesses. Your weakness is getting people at a distance. Also if someone is using one of those good headsets, they will hear you coming. Heartbeat sensors may also screw you over so it is important to zig zag and change up your position constantly to keep your opponent guessing.

Your strengths are in maps with many corners–Favela being the best (the map with the soccer ball and the two goals, also has a barber shop). You can also get lucky in maps like Derail which are quite large and open. What I do here is run to the corner of the map, where i am touching the border, and run all the way to the enemy base. From there, I run up behind enemies and knife them, they don’t see it coming. If done correctly, your killstreaks should be ready to go.

One last tip is that every smart knifer should know when not to knife. If you are getting noob tubed constantly, or sniped down, stop using the knife kit. It is only good at certain times and that is what you need to consider when seeing the map your are about to play in, and the playstyle of your enemies.


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