How to Lower Your Grocery Bill by Using Coupons

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Are you spending too much money on the basic necessities and are looking forward to saving a lot of money? Maybe you are looking at paying down or eliminating extra debt. We are all looking for ways to budget our hard earned money, especially while we are facing difficult times during the recession. With the price of groceries rising, many families cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars per month, without floating a bill or two in the process. For most of us, the costs can become overwhelming, and bring on much unneeded stress.

The great news is that we can all save money by using coupons.  Families can stock up on their favorite brands, without breaking the bank. Not only can coupons save you money on groceries, but they can also help you save on many other items, such as personal care items, clothes, toys, and much more. Many families all over the country are saving thousands of dollars a year on their food bills by using coupons. Coupons can be located on the Internet, in your local newspaper, and through the manufacturer or your favorite brand. Many stores allow each coupon to double up to a certain amount. These tips will teach you how you can lower your grocery bill by using coupons.

Step One: Find out your local grocer’s coupon policies, before you begin clipping coupons. This is essential to learn if they accept printed coupons, how much you can double, and if you can add a store coupon with one from a manufacturer. This step is extremely important to ensure you are saving as much money as possible.

Step Two: Set up a budget and make sure you bring cash to the store. This will let you know how much money can be spent without going over your limit. Also, to stay within your budget, bring a calculator and a pen along to mark off your grocery list and to figure out the actual amount being spent.

Step Three: Look through your grocery stores weekly sale papers and see what their specials are. In most cases, shoppers will visit several different stores that have a great deal on their products. Remember, the goal is saving money, which is essential in today’s economy.

Step Four: Write out a menu plan that only uses items that are on sale and where you can add your coupon savings to. Stick with this list, and make sure not to buy anything extra. This means less money spent at the grocery counter.

Step Five: Double coupons whenever possible to ensure greater savings while shopping at your favorite grocer. Most retailers will double coupons up to 50 cents while a few will double up to a dollar. Many people save hundreds of dollars a year on their groceries by doubling coupons at their favorite retailer.

Step Six: Next you should create a stockpile for items that are on sale, and that you use. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.


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