How to give her the most memorable Valentines Day ever

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Step 1

You know what she likes and what she enjoys to do so go with that when it comes to purchasing a gift. Although you can almost never go wrong when it comes to jewelry. But don’t be cheap. Most women are allergic to the fake stuff so save your money and splurge on something nice. It doesn’t have to be expensive you can get a nice necklace for around $100.00.

Step 2

Plan the day: Depending on what day Valentine’s Day lands on will depend on what you do. If she is going to be at work on Valentine’s Day plan to have a pretty bouquet of flower’s sent to her work. It doesn’t matter if she works at McDonalds she will still love it. Just if you think it will be a problem secretly ask her boss if it will be ok. I don’t think it will be. When it comes to the card attached to it say something sweet. Even if it is as simple as saying I love you. But if you really want to knock her socks off say something about your relationship that you remember. For instance.. My husband used the first time he said I love you to me. He sent it to me in a text during a fight Corny but hey I liked it so on the card he put. I love you more now than when I did the first time I text it to you. It made me remember how much I love him and why. When she reads it, she will automatically be sent into a dream where she replays the memory in which you are talking about. It will instantly put a smile on her face.

Step 3

Figure out what you are going to do that evening. Usually most people do a dinner which is good but if you decide to do dinner make sure it isn’t Taco Bell. Go somewhere fancy. Or maybe even her favorite restaurant. Or if you are going to go to Taco Bell it better be because that is where you first met or had your first date. The reason for bringing her back there on Valentine’s Day is because you are going to propose to her. Which would be ok and actually really sweet. Just make sure you pull out the ring kind of early or make it a point that you only chose there because you shared that certain memory there.

Step 4

You need an activity afterwards. Ice skating is a romantic activity. But if you really want her eyes to pop go for a carriage ride. Something I will never forget was the carriage ride. After dinner blind fold her and make her keep it on. Drive to where the carriage is. Help her out of the car and walk her up to the carriage. Then step behind her and carefully take off the blind fold. Make sure you register early for this because a lot of people go for this on Valentine’s Day. Before a horse and carriage used to be a means of transportation and with the invention of the car they have now become a symbol for romance. A simple search on the internet will point you to the right direction. Make sure that you ask what they offer some will offer cheese crackers and wine. Some will do a picnic, they may even offer hot cocoa and blankets it will be cold so that one might be the right choice. If you are planning to propose this would be a perfect time to do so. Wait until about half way through the ride to propose. If you are going to have a tour through a major park or area and the driver is going to be telling about the various locations you could ask him to stop at a particular location with in the route and have him throw in “And at this location is where ‘your name’ is going to propose to you. He would stop the carriage and turn to you. Which would be when you would actually propose. Try to come up with something sweet. If you need help pull out some romance movies and pay attention to how they propose. You could even pull some off of You Tube.

Step 5

This part should be pretty self explanatory. Go Home…

If you have a single friend you could have him set up some rose petals and candles just before you get there. Send a text just as you are getting to the car. That way you can walk in the door with her and it will seem like the romance never ends and you are just the most romantic man in the world. Have him keep a look out for you and when you pull up he can run out the back door. If you have a fire place make sure that is lit. Big pillows in front of the couch on the floor with a couple of comfy blankets and a bottle of wine and small fruits. Grapes, strawberries, any thing small that she will enjoy. From there you can pretty much take over. Good luck and have fun.


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