Exotic Langkawi Island

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If you are about to visit Malaysia I advice you to visit Langkawi Island… It is located in North-West of Malaysia near to Thailand
the Island and its tropical climate with exotic white sand beaches attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year specially when the wheather is cold in most of the countries of europe in winter. so Langkawi can be an Idle winter destination for christmass holidays.

Kuah which is a small city in the south-eastern part of the island is a small town with few streets and the architecture represents the
clonial arcitecture.

langkawi has an airport which receives flights from Kula Lumpur ( The capital of Malaysia), Penang Island , and singapore.
To get to langkawi the cheapest way and maybe the best way is by a ferry from Penang Island because you also can enjoy the ocean in the morning by going to the deck and watching the sunset when the ferry is returning to penang ( you also can visit my article on Penang).

when you reach langkawi the best place to stay is Cenang beach but there are other places such as the town and on the hills where there are many resorts at resonable prices but you always can rent a chalet or a motel room at 40 to 100 USD.you also can get better rates in non peak season.

while staying in langkawi there are many places worth seeing such as: cable car which is located in Oriental Village, Corocodile farm which has one of the very unique corocodiles in the corocodile world: a handicap corocodile!!! It is also adviced to visit langkawi craft complex and Mahsuri Tomb.If you stay in Cenang beach a visit to Laman Padi is adviced and the admission is free.


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