Skill Gaming FAQ

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Three key componets of all Skill gaming online:

1.Game with scoring based off of time and in game performance.
2.A website hosting the games and keeping track of money.
3.Same set of gameplay elements for all players involved.

When you give a game a time limit like most arcade games, along with in game bonuses for doing certain things in the time allowed. You can make a nice score table for people to play against each other, that is based on skill. Since it’s all online you can make sure all people playing that game for money play that same exact game with same conditions.

Skill gaming is usually played in one of four ways:

1. Puzzle games where logic and math skills play the biggest factors. Like Bejeweled,Zuma and Connect Four
2. Arcade games are usually puzzle based but require equally quick reflexes with the mouse and/or keyboard. Like Pac-man, Billiards and mini-golf.
3. Word games testing your spelling somehow. Games like Scrabble.
4. Quiz games testing your knowledge about a given subject.

The list of games is endless but here’s a few more examples:
Brick+Paddle+Ball games.
Card games- Almost any! Solitare, Gin, Spades, Hearts, Pyramid.
Mah Jong
Quiz games
Scrabble and many other word games like it
Wheel of fortune

What types of tourneys there are:
Most Skill Gaming sites offer Head to Head (1vs1) games, You each pay a entry fee, most sites have tourneys starting at under a dollar. The two people play the same game, with the same game conditions, the higher score wins the money after the site takes a small fee for the sites upkeep/hosting.

Most sites also offer larger Jackpot tourneys sometimes above $10,000, where any number of people can play and the tourney ends on a given date/time. Everyone pays the same entry fee and it goes into a prize pool which is split amongst the top finishers for the tourney. Again everyone plays the same game with same conditions so everyone has a level playing field. Most of these tourneys also have a buy-in starting at a dollar with larger buy-in tourneys once you get more experienced. Usually a top 3 finish in these types of tourneys get’s you a nice three or four digit pay day.

About Deposit and withdraw.
All sites have a minimum deposit and minimum withdraw amount so they aren’t doing 100’s of 50 cent transfers. This is usually $10 at the low end, and never more then $25. All accept Paypal if they are US friendly. Some also offer credit card,money transfers and other online payment processors for funding and withdraws.

Pay to play every time?
Most sites have a free play option so you can learn the game, practice and get better with out risking anything. Some will even give you some free money to play with, but will require a deposit before they let you cash out the free money.

You can easily play 100’s of games for real money with a single $20 deposit on most sites if you spend just a little time practicing before you risk any.

If it’s based on skill, how do I stand a chance as a new player?
All sites implement some kind of ranking system based off your past performances in each individual game on their site. Your rank determines which opponent(s) your against when you play. As the site will pair you with someone from the same rank/skill level as you.

For each game you play on a site, it will keep a running tally of how you do in that particular game title while you play there. When your in the top X% of that particular ranking, the site will move you up one rank to keep you playing against roughly same skilled people as you.

Each site has it’s own system they use, most are fairly simple to understand and a simple read through will be enough to understand it.

If you didn’t fully understand that part don’t worry right now. It’s a bit different on each site so it’s best to read the ranking charts on the site. Here is the basics in plain english. You will have a different ranking for each game on the site. You will play against the same approxmate rank for that game. If you win, your rank will go up a little and theirs will go down. So next time you play that game your new oppenet will also be slightly better ranked.

Final Thoughts about Skill Gaming online.
Skill Gaming can be a realistic money maker. But it’s based off skill,so you must practice and accept the bad days with the good ones. You can make some nice extra income off it playing just occasionally. But w/out devoting lots your computer time to playing games and becoming masters at them, you are not gonna make a living doing it.

Ranking systems usually put a “limit” to the profitability of only playing one or two games on one site. Eventually you will be playing fellow Masters at the game, and it becomes ever harder to win. But good thing about this, is your ranking is only one site. If you become really good at one version of a game good chance you can find same game at another site where your skills transfer easily. So play around a few sites and a few games to maximize your profit.

Understanding that the games you play are based on skill with little luck involved is key in not getting frustrated or overly confident. With anything where you risk money, never risk more then you can afford to lose.

Legal concerns.

Under current USA federal law these games are fair to the players as they are based off skill.
However, 16 different states in the USA differ on this and they have state laws saying it is gambling according to them.
Those states are…
Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Vermont.

This list of states may not “apply” to some skill gaming sites. Always make sure to check your local laws as needed.

For more Skill Gaming Information please view my blog post about the subject of earning money playing Skill Games online.


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